No Dab Challenge

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This is a self-judged trials competition on the trails of Tamarancho, where the rider attempts to compete a loop of the Camp Tamarancho without setting a foot or hand on the ground. This competition is open to all riders, male and female, age 18 and over, who have current 2019 Tamarancho Annual Pass or have purchased a Day Pass on the day of the ride. Save your day pass for verification. If you are an Annual Pass holder, you will be in our database.

The participant is the sole judge of his/her performance, and we expect that you will follow these rules on the honor system closely with no leniency. Judge yourself toughly.  

Sept 15, 2019 to Dec 15, 2019 (3 months)

Attempts at No Dab Rides
You can attempt to ride Tamarancho without a dab as many times as you wish. You can do it twice or more in the same day, but all rides must follow the route listed below, starting and ending at the bottom of Alchemist Trail.

Prize and Awards
All riders who complete a dab-free loop of Tamarancho will enter their name on the No Dab Challenge spreadsheet on the Tamarancho web site, with their name, address, email, date of ride, and direction of ride. If you complete a no dab challenge more than once, continue to enter your information each time you complete a no dab loop.

After the challenge closes on December 15, 2019, all riders who have been successful in riding Tamarancho without a dab, will be acknowledged in the Tamarancho Trail News. Of all the riders who complete a dab free route clockwise, one rider will be chosen at random and awarded a complementary 2020 Tamarancho Annual Pass. In addition, one rider who completes a dab free route counterclockwise will be awarded a 2020 Tamarancho Annual Pass. The more times you complete a dab free route in either direction, the greater your chance of winning a pass. A rider can only win one complimentary 2020 Annual Pass.

No dab ride success must be recorded by no later than December 31, 2019.



To record your no dab success,
click this link.

A complete loop of Tamarancho, for this competition is defined as:

  1. Start at bottom of Alchemist Trail
  2. Go either clockwise or counterclockwise on Goldman Trail.
  3. On Serpentine Trail climb or descent rock face, or take the ADA around the rock face
  4. Descend Endor Flow Trail or descend Broken Dam.
  5. On Broken Dam Trail take short detour trail (with bridge with a curve) or not
  6. Finish at the bottom of Alchemist Trail

No Dab Rules
You must complete the entire loop without your foot or your hand touching the ground. If you dab because of interference from another rider or hiker, that is still considered a dab. Bad luck; try again another time. A light touch of the foot is a dab. If your hand touches the side of a high switchback that is a dab. If your hand uses a tree for stability that is a dab. Judge strictly. We only want to acknowledge those riders who truly ride the loop without a touch.

Especially when trying to do a dab free counterclockwise loop, suggest riding early in the morning and/or on weekdays. Remember, uphill riders have the right of way. Having other riders (or hikers) on the trail is just another challenge to this event. Remember to enforce the no dab rule strictly on yourself. Note: The only exception is if you are stopped by the Tamarancho Pass Patrol to see your pass; that is NOT a dab.

No e-bikes.

Rests and Breaks
Rests are allowed and encouraged. This is not an endurance or time challenge. You may stop, with feet down or even get off the bike and rest, for as long as you wish, at the following trail intersections:

  • Alchemist and Goldman
  • Goldman and Serpentine
  • Serpentine and Wagon Wheel
  • Wagon Wheel and fire road at top of B-17
  • B-17 and Broken Dam
  • Top of Flow Trail (optional route)
  • Broken Dam and Iron Spring Road

No other rest stops or breaks are allowed.


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